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Schooling for Girl Child

Schooling for Girl Child

Schooling for Girl Child, just like any other, is entitled to a better future. She deserves to go to school, learn and choose her own career path. You can help her. With only Rs 1000/- month, you can make a huge difference in this child’s life.

Important for the education of girls  

Redeam her first

Gender inequality in education is the best. Girls are less likely to be used in school, stay in school or training. Education helps men and women to claim their rights and realize their potential economic, social and political arenas. It is also one of the most effective ways out of poverty. The development of the education of girls has a particularly important role to play in adult life Foundation. Is an integral part of the strategy of gender-based discrimination to address women and girls are still common in many societies. The following links explain the need for the education of girls/women again.

Education is a right

Everyone has the right to education, which has been recognized by the General notification and for the protection of human rights (UDHR) in 1948. Free and compulsory primary education, without discrimination and of good quality, the right has been confirmed by all the main international conventions on human rights. Many of these same tools encourages, but does not guarantee the post primary education. These rights have not been closed, such as issues of quality and fairness, the question of what is the meaning of the right to education, to go ahead and explore how they can be achieved. At least the following: Member States shall ensure that basic education is available, accessible, acceptable and adaptable for all. (4A) the right to education of girls is one of the most critical of all rights-because education has an important role in allowing the rights of women and girls in another.

Cultural changes

Culture and traditional values are between girls and their access to education. The success of education Flash can address some of the profound inequalities in partnership, which treats the lives of millions of girls without quality education – and therefore also too often comes with missed opportunities. Improvement of educational opportunities for girls and women to assist in the development of skills that will enable them to make informed decisions and contribute to the community in key areas of change. One of the reasons for the ban on women and girls the right to education is rare people who is responsible for the money: is the fear of the power that girls is through education. There is still some resistance to the idea that girls and women can rely on training. Training will also be in some societies, fear of change and fear in the face of globalisation will be even bigger now, the fear, the fear of loss of cultural identity, unknown or unwanted, dispelling the fear in many others.

For better health

Education gives understanding of girls and women to basic health, nutrition and family planning, to give them the choice and the power to decide over their lives and bodies. Women’s reproductive health, education and training leads directly to improve family health, economic development, family and society, as well as lower levels of infant mortality and malnutrition. It is also a fundamental tool for combating the spread of HIV-AIDS.

Poverty reductionFor Bright Future

The education of girls and women is an important step towards the eradication of poverty. Inequality and poverty is not inevitable. “By focusing on poverty reduction can be a powerful tool to make a change in the lives of women and girls the right to education. Poverty is generally assured a basic obstacle to the enjoyment of human rights and is generally visible profile. The main reason for this is the fact that poverty leads to violations of human rights such as the right to education, which disproportionately affect women and girls. Combine the various grounds of discrimination, girls fitting the spiral of denied rights. Deny the right to education, will lead to labour market exclusion and the exclusion of the informal sector or in unpaid work. This above and add women’s poverty.
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